The Royal Order Of Sartorial Splendor


Considered one of the first royal wedding ceremony gowns lined here was that of Marie-Chantal Miller at her 1995 wedding ceremony to Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece.


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At that time, I wrote about my desire to see it on video once once more, having seen it a few years ago. So you'll be able to imagine the jumpy claps that occurred when, while looking round YouTube back in September for the golden wedding ceremony of Pavlos' dad and mom, King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie, I stumbled across an enormous portion of the wedding broadcast.


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This is a few valentino shoes online goooood royal wedding watching, friends. Not solely is Marie-Chantal's wedding look incredibly royal (it's a Valentino couture gown, with no expense spared, worn with the Antique Corsage Tiara borrowed from Queen Anne-Marie), this wedding was attended by just about everyone. It even options a uncommon appearance by Queen Elizabeth II, who seldom personally attends such overseas royal occasions (the wedding was in London and her ties to the Greek royal family are strong, hence the looks).


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The dialogue back in that first entry centered on whether or valentino shoes online not this closely embellished gown was a bit too overwhelming for this specific bride, but seeing it movement as soon as once more is renewing my appreciation for the gown. It definitely is heavy, however it within the midst of that ornate marriage ceremony setting and ceremony, it appears to fit proper in. Within the years since we first lined the dress, it has been displayed - the photographs on this entry are from the Valentino: Master of Couture exhibit at Somerset Home in 2012 - and that i've heard from a few of you that noticed it in person. So let's revisit my authentic question: too much costume or no?